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Hutchinson Island Plaza Hotel & Suites Survey



    The check-in process was timely and efficient.

    The check-in staff was courteous.

    Guest Room

    My room was clean and comfortable.

    My room was furnished appropriately.

    My bed and bedding were comfortable.

    Guest Staff

    The guest staff was prompt, reliable, and friendly.

    The guest staff was knowledgeable and fully answered my questions about the area.

    Housekeeping staff was friendly and reliable.

    Management was available to solve problems.


    Hotel amenities (pool, beach, dock) were clean, attractive, and properly equipped.

    Wireless Internet was available and met my needs.

    Check out

    The check-out process was timely and efficient.

    Continental Breakfast

    The food quality was good.

    Overall how would you rate your experience at our hotel